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Ultimate dbt macros - data build tool and jinja command cheatsheets

dbt is very powerful, and coupled with Jinja dbt macros, you can do amazing things. These handy resources will make your life easier.

A DBT command cheat sheet

You now know what dbt (data build tool) is all about.  You are being productive, but you forgot what `dbt build` does and you are having a problem with a dbt macro.  Lucky for you two people in the dbt community created these great resources for all us.

dbt cheat sheet

This awesome dbt reference created by Bruno de Lima summarizes all the dbt commands you need.

If you ever wanted to know what the difference between +model and @model is in your dbt run, you will find the answer. dbt graph operators can be tricky, but this cheat sheet has you covered. Check it out and download your own copy.

dbt Jinja cheat sheet

Now that you have dbt under control, you are ready to take on dbt macros, but you don't remember if you should use `{{ }} or {% %}`. Well, another awesome community member has us covered here too. Zsombor Földesi created the ultimate Jinja resource.

Do you need to raise an Exception from your dbt macro? It's in there. Are you wondering why your co-worker added a `-` after the `%` in the macro?  It's in there too. Go and download a copy, trust me, it will come in handy.


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