Our managed dbt Core platform has all the tools you need so you can focus on data

Datacoves integrates the components needed for a secure and scalable platform under one subscription

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data ingestion with fivetran, python, or airbyte

Data Ingestion

Whether Ingesting data using Fivetran, custom Python scripts, Portable managed connectors, or our optional managed Airbyte, we help you mix and match for optimal flexibility.

Managed dbt-core

dbt is the fastest growing data transformation tool for a reason. We manage dbt Core so you can transform, test, and document your data with in integrated process. We manage dbt versions and upgrades, orchestration with Airflow, and hosting of dbt-docs at no additional cost for viewers.

managed dbt core
managed vs code

Managed VS Code

We host the most popular IDE for dbt development, Visual Studio Code. Developers can get up and running in minutes, with nothing to install. We enhance the development experience by bundling the best libraries and extensions like; Datacoves Power User, SQLFluff, chatGPT, and dbt-coves so your team can work efficiently.

Managed Airflow

We make Airflow simple for dbt pipelines and scale with the power of Kubernetes. You can use Python or Yaml based DAG configurations that integrate Extract and Load with Transform. We also give you the flexibility to integrate additional Python dependencies and custom Docker containers for ML scripts, activation steps, or anything else you want to orchestrate with Airflow.

managed airflow
Data delivery to power bi, tableau, jupyter, hightouch, and other

Data Delivery

Whether you need to consume your data from a BI tool, like our optional Superset, share the data with your partners via a Data Cloud, sent it to an activation tool, or feed a graph database, we've got you covered. And with Airflow you can connect the end-to-end process.

Data Platform

We like Snowflake and provide accelerators to set up the platform and manage permissions. However, we support Databricks, BigQuery, Redshift, Synapse, or any data platform that has a dbt adapter.

data platform snowflake, databricks, redshift, bigquery

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